Old Courthouse Museum Winter Concert Series Schedule PDF

Noon Concert: Bridget Boen @ Old Courthouse Museum
Feb 22 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Bridget Boen



Bridget Boen
Acoustic Folk & Pop


While growing up in a small country town, located in the North Eastern part of Nebraska, country music always had a special place in her heart. As she became older, she had the chance to move around the Midwest; Bridget lived in Sioux City, IA, Denver, CO, and finally Sioux Falls. During her somewhat “nomadic” experiences, she encountered many different varieties of music and art. Through these experiences, she developed an original style of music resembling a mix between folk and pop. However, not limited to only folk and pop; Bridget also enjoys playing covers of some of her favorite artist ranging from the good old classics to new age pop. Acoustic music has always had a special place her heart- the passion is evident in her voice. The music is directly correlated to her experiences from traveling, love, and life.

Ceili Dance
Feb 28 @ 6:30 pm

CeiliCeili (pronounced KAY-lee is an Irish social dance. The dances will be taught to live music and the moves called out. Beginners are welcome.