Archives of the Siouxland Heritage Museums

The Old Courthouse Museum and the Pettigrew Home & Museum, known jointly as the Siouxland Heritage Museums, have extensive manuscript and archival holdings. The foundation of these holdings are the papers of Senator Richard Franklin Pettigrew, who, upon his death in 1926, bequeathed his documents, house, museum, and collection to the City of Sioux Falls. Since 1926, the archival collections have expanded considerably in size and scope. They also aid in supporting the Siouxland Heritage Museums’ mission to collect, preserve, and interpret the region’s history.

This guide contains a list of the manuscript collections housed at the Pettigrew Home & Museum and a brief overview of each collection. Since the museums continue to receive new donations, not all collections held by the Siouxland Heritage Museums are listed in this booklet. In addition, many oversized items, such as posters, blueprints, maps, and photographic collections are housed at the Old Courthouse Museum and are also available to researchers. Please contact the Collections Department at 605.367.4210 or click here for further information or to make an appointment.


Title: George W. Abbott Papers
Scope and Contents:
George W. Abbott moved to Sioux Falls in 1891. He was a major organizer of several financial organizations in the city. The George W. Abbott Papers include certificates, business correspondence, scrapbook pages, newspaper clippings and undated material from the George W. Abbott letterbook.


Title: Loring Allebaugh Papers
Scope and Contents:
The correspondence in this collection was sent to Allebaugh at residences in Idaho, Oregan and Texas. Much of the collection has ties to San Antonio, TX. There is some mention of Garrettson, SD. The collection includes postcards, business cards, newspaper clippings, letters to and from US Senator Lyndon B. Johnson and personal correspondence.


Title: American Legion Papers, Sioux Falls Post No.15
Scope and Contents:
The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic, mutual help, war time veterans organization. There are currently more than 3 million members. Membership is based on honorable federal active duty during specific times of war or crisis. The American Legion Papers contain correspondence, patriotic pamphlets, the National Constitution and By-laws of the American Legion, balance sheets and financial papers.


Title: Armstrong-Coutts Papers
Scope and Contents:
John Coutts was born in 1842 near Tipton, IA. In 1862 he enlisted in the Union Army. He fought in seven battles during the Civil War before he received his discharge in 1865. After his military service Coutts returned to Iowa. His family later moved to Colton, SD and moved again to Sioux Falls, SD. This collection contains various Civil War era documents from Private John Coutts, Company C, 24th Iowa Volunteer Infantry. The collection includes items such as letters, discharge papers, a military pass and a collection of calling cards.


Title: Atlantic, Yellowstone and Pacific Highway Association
Scope and Contents:
This collection contains the Certificates of Incorporation and the meeting minutes of the Atlantic, Yellowstone and Pacific Highway Association. The papers date from 1923 to 1934.


Title: Marlen K. Basel Papers
Scope and Contents:
This collection contains the letters that Marlen K. Basel diligently wrote to his family while serving the United States in World War II. Letters were sent to his father Ira Basel (San Francisco, CA) and to his mother, Mrs. Mable Burt (Sioux Falls, SD). Letters are generally light hearted. This collection also contains correspondence sent from Nellie, Marlen’s sister, to her mother and father.


Title: June S. Beecher Papers and Beecher Collection
Scope and Contents:
June S. Beecher was the daughter of Fred Beecher, manager of the Sioux Falls Coliseum. Fred Beecher was responsible for booking theatrical entertainment in the New Theatre, the Majestic Theatre, the Orpheum Theatre and the Coliseum. A manuscript written by June S. Beecher is included in this collection and is an important history of the Sioux Falls theater scene from the 1870s to 1947, when her father died. The collection also includes Coliseum programs from 1914-1947, newspaper clippings, various notes, press releases and manuscript research.


Title: Blauvelt/Van Eps Papers
Scope and Contents:
The Silas Blauvelt and William Van Eps families were influential in Sioux Falls history. Blauvelt was Van Eps’s nephew. This collection of papers believed to have belonged to members of these two families.


Title: Bowen Family Papers
Scope and Contents:
This collection contains the materials of Abraham M., Joseph P. and Hortense Bowen. Abraham M. Bowen was a farmer who moved from Dayton, OH, to Bloomington, IL and later, sometime in 1882 or 1883, to Sioux Falls, Dakota Territory. The family lived two miles west of Sioux Falls. Documents included in the collection are letters, certificates, deeds, diaries from 1858 to 1892 and bank passbooks.


Title: Homer Edward Carlson Papers
Scope and Contents:
Homer Carlson’s father was married to Hulda Kauffman who was formerly a housekeeper and companion to N.O. Fawick. The collection includes letters from Thomas and N O. Fawick.


Title: Civilian Conservation Corps Papers
Scope and Contents:
The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a public works program that put over 3 million men to work during the Great Depression of the 1930s and 1940s. The National Association of CCC Alumni was established in 1977 as a non-profit organization. Currently, the NACCCA has over 6500 members and is open to any individual associated with the original CCC. The CCC papers include newspaper clippings, NACCCA membership information and journal and correspondence.


Title: Civil Defense Records, Sioux Falls & Brookings, SD
Scope and Contents:
The American Civil Defense Association is an organization dedicated to the promotion of reasonable civil defense, disaster preparedness and disaster mitigation activities in all sectors of American society. This is done in an effort to help protect America and its citizens from the effects of natural and manmade disasters and to lessen the likelihood of certain types of disasters through public awareness and the implementation of a national civilian-based Civil Defense strategy and program. Disasters include: national security and defense issues and developments, domestic terrorism issues, biological and chemical warfare threats, developments concerning nuclear war and weaponry, natural and environmental threats, as well as current events abroad. This collection includes pamphlets, correspondence, newspaper clippings, training records and enrollment forms, all from the Cold War era.


Title: Credit Women International Papers
Scope and Contents:

The Credit Women’s Breakfast Club (CWBC) was organized in 1930 by Edith Shaw. The purpose for organizing the CWBC was the belief that women holding positions in the retail credit profession should become an organized body, making possible the promotion of their common interests.

The organization has gone through a series of name changes in its over 70 years of existence. In 1966 the name was changed to Credit Women-International (CWI). The bylaws were changed in 1976 to allow men to join the organization and in 1987, the name was changed to Credit Women-International: Credit Professionals (CWICP). In 1990, the organization became Credit Professionals-International (CPI).

The Credit Women International Papers include meeting minutes from 1955 to 1979, local chapter rosters, newsletters, conference materials, attendance register, correspondence and programs.


Title: Curator
Scope and Contents:
Volumes one to nineteen of Curator are available on microfilm. The collection dates from January 1958 to December 1976.


Title: Harold M. Dale Papers
Scope and Contents:
Harold M. Dale was an enlisted man in the 32nd Infantry Division from 1917-1918. Dale lived in Sioux Falls and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery. Much of the printed material is written in German or French. The Dale Papers include correspondence, photographs, postcards, maps and various documents relating to World War I service.


Title: East River Legal Services Papers
Scope and Contents:
ERLS is an independent, non-profit agency that provides services for low income peoples in Clay, Union, Lincoln, Turner, McCook, Minnehaha, Lake and Moody Counties. The collection contains various documents, including minutes and financial records dating from 1977 to 1982.


Title: Edmison Jameson Block Cornerstone Papers
Scope and Contents:
The Edmison Jameson Block, later known as the Minnehaha Block, was constructed in 1890. The building was located at the corner of 9th Street and Phillips Avenue, across the street from the Cataract Hotel. The building was six floors and was home to many offices. In 1947, the top four floors were removed as a safety measure. The building was razed in 1980 and the corner is now home to Western Surety. The papers in this collection were the materials that were buried in the building’s original 1890 cornerstone and include an 1890-1891 City Directory, 1890 newspapers and a letter on Jameson Bros. and Green Real Estate letterhead dated August 22, 1890.


Title: Ellis Woodworking Patterns
Scope and Contents:
Various Easi-Bild brand woodworking patterns from the mid-1940s. Envelopes contain full size patterns, with step by step directions.


Title: Laurie Emerson Papers
Scope and Contents:
Cora Estella Bailey was born in Hatfield, MN in 1894. In 1920 she married Charles Emerson in Sioux Falls and they had two children. Jesse David was born in 1921 and Donald Melores was born in 1923. Cora later married Ed Hendrikson in 1967; he died in 1971. As a child, Cora lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Georgia and Missouri. The Emerson collection includes a family history compiled by Cora and diaries from 1950 to 1970 that include accounts of daily events, weather, health and visitors.


Title: L.P. Engen Papers
Scope and Contents:
L. Pierre Engen taught school at Centerville High School in Centerville, SD in the 1930s. He later taught math and science at Washington High School in Sioux Falls. This collection contains his personal papers from 1926-1958, including grade books, correspondence and lesson plans.


Title: Thomas L. Fawick Papers
Scope and Contents:
Born and raised in Sioux Falls, Thomas L. Fawick held several jobs before experimenting with his dream of building a better car. His first automobile, the “Silent Sioux,” was completed in 1906. Two years later, at the age of 19, he completed the “Fawick Flyer,” believed to be the first five-passenger, four-door car built in the United States. The Fawick Motor Car Company ceased production by 1912 after producing 7 cars. Fawick lived in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin and continued to design and invent items, mostly related to automobiles. In the 1940’s, Fawick designed rubber handles for golf clubs which absorbed the shock and soon every major golf club manufacturer in the world used his design. When Fawick was in his fifties, he also designed a concert worthy violin and composed music for the violin. The Fawick collection includes various honors that were awarded to Fawick and patent drawings.


Title: Andrew Jackson Fisk Diaries
Scope and Contents:
This collection, available on microfilm, contains the diaries of Andrew Jackosn Fisk from 1864 to 1866. Fisk was a Sergeant in Company A of the 2nd Minnesota Volunteer Cavalry. He participated in campaigns against the Sioux in 1864 and 1865. Fisk was stationed at Fort Wadsworth, Dakota Territory from 1865 to 1866. The original journal is housed at the Montana Historical Society.


Title: Great Plains Journal
Scope and Contents:
Volumes nine through sixteen of the Great Plains Journal are available on microfilm. The collection dates from Fall 1969 to Spring 1977.


Title: Henrick Halvorson Papers
Scope and Contents:
The Hayward Family Papers include correspondence, account books, photographs, bills, receipts, deeds, telegrams, newspapers, the 1862 to 1870 diary of Daniel Webster, letters to Orlan A. Hayward, the account book of Orlan A. Hayward and a letter copy book.


Title: Carl Heinson Papers
Scope and Contents:
Carl Heinson was a local contractor, master craftsman and avid collector. When the old Minnehaha County Courthouse was abandoned in the 1960s, talk of demolishing the building started. Heinson dreamed of a museum. In 1965 he made an agreement with the county commission to move into the building with his collections. Carl Heinson died in 1974, the same year the old Minnehaha County Courthouse became part of the Siouxland Heritage Museums, as the Old Courthouse Museum. The Carl Heinson papers include correspondence, postcards, newspaper clippings, ledger books, blank stock certificates for Dakota Paradise, legal documents and miscellaneous school papers.


Title: Mildred Harsha Herrick Papers
Scope and Contents:
Mildred Harsha Herrick graduated from Washington High School, Sioux Falls, SD, in 1923. For a time, Herrick worked as a teacher at the Little Eagle and Pierre Indian Schools. Included in the Herrick papers are projects, books and correspondence relating to that time. The Herrick papers also include a Washington High School Class Book, Reunion Information, 1973 class reunion photo and newspaper clippings.


Title: John Hopper Letters
Scope and Contents:
This collection contains correspondences to John Hopper, Superior, NE from William F. Allen of Allen and Jennings Real Estate Brokers, Kansas City, MO.


Title: Freda Hosen Collection
Scope and Contents:
The collection contains copies of the magazine “Everyday Clothes.” The magazine is a local publication dedicated to the discussion of African-American issues, programs, problems, etc.


Title: Howard and Broughton Papers
Scope and Contents:
Charles K. Howard was a Suttler for Fort Dakota, Dakota Territory, 1867-1869. Ed Broughton worked with Howard until 1870. The collection contains miscellaneous records of Post Suttler, Fort Dakota, Dakota Territory, 1867-1870, newspaper clippings on C.K. Howard and miscellaneous papers that belonged to Ed Broughton.


Title: Howe Papers
Scope and Contents:
The Howe papers include song, children’s and school books.


Title: Diana Hummel Collection
Scope and Contents:
Various household booklets and artifacts from the first half of the 20th century. Collection includes an advertisement for Pantry Panties, genuine gut bead string, iron-on transfers for cross-stitch, booklets on sewing “how-to’s,” “How to Sew and Save with Cotton Bags,” “New Royal Cookbook,” and “The Art of Making Bread.”


Title: Irving School PTA Collection
Scope and Contents:
The Irving School PTA collection includes various documents surrounding the activities of the PTA. Ledgers and publicity committee records comprise the bulk of the collection.


Title: Mildred and Maude Linahan Collection
Scope and Contents:
Mildred and Maude Linahan graduated from Sioux Falls Washington High School in 1918. They continued to live in Sioux Falls after high school. Maude managed a tourism home in their residence and worked at Fantle’s Department Store. Mildred worked at First National Bank as a teller. Maude died in 1976. Mildred died in 1991. Both women are buried at Saint Michael’s Cemetery in Sioux Falls. The Linahan collection includes Washington High School yearbooks and magazines.


Title: Minnie Locke Papers
Scope and Contents:
This collection contains miscellaneous papers related to Frederick Pettigrew and his family. Minnie Locke was a niece, by marriage, of Bessie Pettigrew. Subject matter of the collection varies a great deal and includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, receipts, booklets, real estate documents, certificates and postcards.


Title: Lynn's Studio Papers
Scope and Contents:
The Lynn’s Studio papers include ledgers and customer records for the Sioux Falls photography studio.


Title: Lyon Family Papers
Scope and Contents:
William H. and Winona Axtell Lyon were a prominent couple in Sioux Falls history. Mr. Lyon was a lawyer and state legislator and Mrs. Lyon was involved in many social clubs in Sioux Falls. They deeded several areas to the city to be used as parks and a fair ground. The Lyon Family Papers include a certificate from the Minnehaha County Historical Society, correspondence, W.H. Lyons Balance Sheets from 1904 to 1910, newspapers, political and legal documents and invitations.


Title: John McClellan Collection
Scope and Contents:
John McClellan came to Dakota Territory with other members of the Western Town Company of Dubuque, Iowa, in 1857. He joined the Dakota Cavalry in 1863, which was in Sioux Falls. McClellan died a violent death in the elevator of the Van Eps Block. He is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. He left no authentic heirs to inherit his estate. After years of litigation the state of South Dakota was awarded the McClellan property and money. Eventually the papers made their way to the Siouxland Heritage Museums collection. The collection includes legal papers, correspondence, military records, court proceedings, court records and estate bills.


Title: L. Earl McLaughlin Collection
Scope and Contents:
The collection contains architectural drawings, transparency slides and a small manuscript collection. The items belonged to the architectural firm of L. Earl McLaughlin and Associates, it also includes correspondence, color samples and color plans.


Title: Minnehaha County Historical Society Collection
Scope and Contents:
The Minnehaha County Historical Society Collection includes two publications, “Landscaping the Farmstead” and “Jefferson and the Land Question.”


Title: John Morrell and Co. Papers
Scope and Contents:
George Morrell started selling fruit in the streets of England in 1827. By 1834, he had expanded to meats, vegetables and other items. His company came to the United States in 1864. John Morrell and Co. opened a location in Sioux Falls, SD, in 1909. The plant continues to be a major industry in Sioux Falls. The collection includes a scrapbook documenting the Morrell strikes from 1935 to 1937, memos, Morrell Magazine, anniversary publications, the book “The Strike Story, 1935” and Labor Statistics from 1914 to 1919.


Title: Mount Pleasant School Records
Scope and Contents:
This collection documents the creation of District #59 in 1878 by the County Superintendent of Public Instruction, which began with twenty students. Some items included in the collection are workbooks, treasurer’s book, teacher’s Register of Daily Attendance and Classification from 1939 to 1945, treasurer’s reports, school Census reports from 1933 to 1962 and a Directory of Teachers and School Officers of Minnehaha County from 1961-1962.


Title: Northern League Papers
Scope and Contents:
Baseball’s Northern League initially operated from 1902-1905. The second Northern League was formed in 1913, but ended in 1917 due to World War I. The third Northern League was organized in 1933 and operated every year, except the war years of 1943-1945, until 1971 when the league folded. At the time of its disbandment in 1971, the third Northern League was the oldest league in the lower classifications of the minors. The fourth Northern League was established in 1992 and is still in existence. The papers include materials from various teams that date from the 1930s to the 1970s such as minutes, contracts, tickets, photographs, correspondence, financial statements, newspaper clippings, statistics, schedules and equipment catalogues.


Title: R.F. Pettigrew Papers
Scope and Contents:

Richard F. Pettigrew first came to what was to become Sioux Falls in the summer of 1869 as part of a surveying team. From that first summer in 1869 Pettigrew became instrumental in the development and growth of the city of Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas. Pettigrew was heavily invested in business and real estate ventures, but today he is most remembered for his political career. Pettigrew’s political career began in 1875 when he was elected to the Dakota Territorial Council and continued when he was elected to the following positions: Territorial delegate to Congress from Dakota, 1880; U.S. Senator for South Dakota 1889-1901. Although he was not re-elected to another term in the Senate in 1900, Pettigrew continued to be active in politics until his death in 1926.

The Pettigrew Papers contain a variety of R.F. Pettigrew’s business and political papers from the 1880s until his death in 1926, with the highest concentration of material dating from his time in the Senate. Also included are scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, research notes and books from R.F. Pettigrew’s personal library. The majority of the correspondence and papers are available on microfilm.


Title: A.C. Phillips Papers
Scope and Contents:

Arthur C. Phillips was born in Maine in 1859 and came to Sioux Falls with his family in 1881. While in Sioux Falls, Phillips worked as the local editor for the Sioux Falls Daily Leader and the Sioux Falls Daily Tribune. He was also the city editor for The Daily Press. Through his work with the local papers, Phillips covered both the 1883 and the 1885 Dakota Constitutional Conventions. In 1884, Phillips was admitted to the Bar and partnered with his father andrew Phillips and uncle, Josiah Phillips. Along with law services, their firm also dealt with real estate and loans. Phillips was also active in the Sioux Falls school board, serving as vice president of the board in 1896 and a member in 1897. At some point, Phillips relocated to Chicago, IL.

The Arthur C. Phillips collection consists of items collected by himself, his father, his uncle and other sources. Objects are primarily documentary artifacts dealing with the Dakota Constitutional Conventions, fraternal organizations, local and state politics, newspapers, Sioux Falls businesses, maps, social events and photographs of downtown Sioux Falls and the Falls of the Big Sioux River.


Title: Plains Anthropologist
Scope and Contents:
Volumes 10 – 20 of the periodical Plains Anthropologist dating from 1954 to November of 1975 are available on microfilm.


Title: Marylynne Portz Papers
Scope and Contents:
This collection contains a variety of materials centering around the school years of Marlynne Portz. She was a 1957 graduate of Washington High School and was active in orchestra and chorus. A related collection is the Marlen K. Basel papers. Marlynne’s mother, Nellie and Marlen were siblings. Marlynne married John Gustafson of Sioux Falls. The Portz papers include children’s books, paper dolls with clothes, US History Workbook from the 1930’s, calendars, craft patterns, a 1940 first aid textbook, school composition books used by Marlynne Portz, appliance instruction manuals, report cards, music programs from grade schools and Washington High School, a certificate of graduation of Elementary Grades from 1953 and a high school graduation program from May 1957.


Title: Rieper Comic Book Collection
Scope and Contents:
The collection contains various comic books from the late 1960s through the late 1970s. Several of the books have a military theme. Comic titles include: Army War Heros, Superboy, Our Army at War, Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commados, Fightin’ Marines, Star Spangled War Stories, Walt Disney, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Nightmaster, Dark Shadows, Fightin’ Army, The Wild Wild West, Challenges of the Unknown, Archie, The New Science Fair Story of Electronics, Fight the Enemy, The Amazing Spiderman, Superman and Sub-mariner.


Title: Sears, Roebuck Catalogs
Scope and Contents:
Various spring, fall and Christmas Sears, Roebuck catalogs dating from 1888 to 1987 are available on 97 rolls of microfilm.


Title: Sioux Falls Garden Club Collection
Scope and Contents:
The Sioux Falls Garden Club Collection includes membership cards, publications, a bank account book and correspondence.


Title: Sioux Falls Stockyard Company Cornerstone Collection
Scope and Contents:
The Sioux Falls Stockyard Company operated for 5 days in South Sioux Falls in 1890. Richard F. Pettigrew was the President of the Company. On February 29, 1940, the large cornerstone was removed from the building. A capsule was found that contained various newspapers and photographs. Upon removal, the items were placed on display in the window of Harold’s Photography at 308 South Phillips Avenue. This collection includes an inventory dated February 29, 1940 and various 1890 newspapers.


Title: South Dakota Horticultural Club Collection
Scope and Contents:
The South Dakota State Horticultural Society Collection contains Annual Reports of the Society from 1926 through 1955, along with newsletters from the South Dakota Federation of Garden Clubs dating from 1964 to 1973. The Collection also contains issues of North and South Dakota Horticulture Magazine from the 1930s, issues of Organic Gardening Magazine from the 1940s and several booklets published by the South Dakota State College Extension Service.


Title: South Sioux School PTA Records
Scope and Contents:
The South Sioux School Parents and Teachers Association held its first meeting November 18, 1926. First year membership was 21. Membership grew over the years to an all-time high of 401 in 1955. The PTA’s main focus was to provide equipment and a better environment in which to learn. One of the main projects the organization developed was the hot lunch program at South Sioux in 1944. Carnivals and canteens were sponsored to raise money to purchase media equipment for the school. The South Sioux Elementary School Parents and Teachers Association disbanded in 1981. The collection includes minutes from 1948 to1980, financial records from 1939 to 1949, 1958 and 1980, a staff and board roster and by-laws, histories and scrapbooks from 1926 to 1971.


Title: Study Club/History Club Collection
Scope and Contents:
The History Club was organized in 1879. In 1902, some History Club members left the group and later formed the Study Club. Records also include some of the South Dakota General Federation of Women’s Club, Business and Professional Women’s Club and the American Association of University Women Papers. This collection contains programs from the various years of the Study Club from1902-03 through 1966-67, programs from the Minnehaha Study Club from 1935-36 and 1945-46, correspondence, “Fifty-Five Years of Study Club” by Maude Finney Briggs from 1957, programs from the History Club from 1903-04 through 1941-42, the publication “South Dakota Bulletin,” Official Organ of the South Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs from 1921-1923, a program from the Catholic Women’s Literary Society of Sioux Falls, the Constitution and By-Laws of the Study Club, various publications, the annual report of the South Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs from 1945-1946, General Federation of Women’s Clubs Membership Directory, receipts, treasurer’s books of the Study Club from 1902 to 1965 and Study Club Meeting minutes from 1902 to 1968.


Title: Leonard Tripp Papers
Scope and Contents:
This collection contains photocopies of typewritten manuscripts, newspapers and magazine articles by Leonard Tripp, clippings, photographs, train schedules and maps. The collection also contains an original typewritten manuscript. Subjects covered include: railroad and public transportation history in Sioux Falls, railroads built in South Dakota between 1872-1910 and the Great Northern Burlington Railroad.


Title: Wangsness Papers
Scope and Contents:
Esther Ward was born in 1896 in Egan, SD. In 1917, she married Jack Dempsey, together they had one son, John. In 1921, Esther married Leonard Ward, together they had four children. Leonard Ward worked at Morrell’s Packing Plant for many years. The Ward papers include photographs, books about the South Dakota National Guard, military papers, the Spawn Family History from 1814 to 1967 and a scrapbook of newspaper clippings.


Title: Ward Family Papers
Scope and Contents:
George W. Abbott moved to Sioux Falls in 1891. He was a major organizer of several financial organizations in the city. The George W. Abbott Papers include certificates, business correspondence, scrapbook pages, newspaper clippings and undated material from the George W. Abbott letterbook.


Title: Louis C. Warren Papers
Scope and Contents:
Louis C. Warren was employed as a radio instuctor by the War Department, Department of Technical Training, at the Sioux Falls Army Air Field in Sioux Falls, SD, from July 1942 until May 1945. The Warren papers include military records, military publications and an audio cassette.


Title: WAVES Papers
Scope and Contents:

WAVES National was established in 1979 as an organization for women who have served or who are currently serving in one of the sea services (U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corp., U.S. Coast Guard or Reserves). This paper group was collected by Leona (Toni) Eastman of Sioux Falls, SD, who was a WAVE during the mid-1940s, a member of WAVES National and the organizer and first State Director of South Dakota’s local unit, “The Prairie Waves.”

Object ID number 2003.11.1 (Box 1) consists of the archival portion of the donation, while object ID number 2003.11.2 (Box 2) is Toni Eastman’s scrapbook from her time spent at the United States Naval Air Station in Ottumwa, IA.


Title: Robert Wood Papers
Scope and Contents:
This collection contains items of various Sioux Falls organizations and businesses. Included are programs, letters, and newsletters from the Peace Councils, Sioux Falls College, Magnet Motor Company, Sioux Falls Kiwanis Club and the Knife and Fork Club.


Title: Woodlawn Cemetery Papers
Scope and Contents:
This collection contains items of various Sioux Falls organizations and businesses. Included are programs, letters, and newsletters from the Peace Councils, Sioux Falls College, Magnet Motor Company, Sioux Falls Kiwanis Club and the Knife and Fork Club.


Title: Bert Yeager Papers
Scope and Contents:
Bert Yeager was born in 1892 in Sioux Falls. He was City Commissioner and a member of the school board. From 1961-1962, he served one term in the South Dakota State House of Representatives from Minnehaha County. Yeager died in 1984. The Yeager papers include correspondence, House Bill Information, certificates and pamphlets.


Additional Resources include:
Daily Argus Leader
January 1897 to December 1916
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December 1897 to September 1913, January 1904 to June 1925
City of Sioux Falls, City Records
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City of Sioux Falls, Minute Books
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Congressional Records
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Golden Days for Boys and Girls
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Minutes, Town Board of South Sioux Falls 1996.23.43-48
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The Polar Tech
Various issues from 1942 to 1945.
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