History Happy Hour: Abandoned South Dakota

May 30, 2019 @ 6:30 pm
Old Courthouse Museum
200 W. 6th St. Sioux Falls
SD 57104

Enjoy an evening discussing topics that relate to the history of Sioux Falls with beverages, snacks, and fun conversation with fellow history enthusiasts at History Happy Hour at the Pettigrew Museum! 

Abandoned: South Dakota photography started from a place in the middle of nostalgia, curiosity and restlessness. Photographer Abby Bischoff’s family was building a house on their family farm. Her parents lived in the old house while the new one was under construction.  As she traveled from the farm to her home two hours away, she began taking an extra hard look at the abandoned homes dotting the South Dakota landscape, and she wanted to tell the story of these homes. While many people see abandonment, loneliness, or loss in the photos, Abby thinks the inverse is also true. There’s something so hopeful and strong about a house that’s still standing after years of exposure and no upkeep. They seem to serve as a monument to the people that built them. They say, “Even though I’ve been left behind, I won’t fall. We’re still here.”

History Happy Hour will be held in the Pettigrew Museum from 6:30 to 8 p.m.  Space is limited, $10 tickets are available at the Old Courthouse Museum. Call (605)367-7097 for information. 21 and over.