Industrial Crash to Retail Cash: The Story of South Sioux Falls

July 24, 2018 all-day

Industrial Crash to Retail Cash: The Story of South Sioux FallsExhibit Opens at the Pettigrew July 24th

In Richard Franklin Pettigrew’s mind, Sioux Falls had agriculture and transportation; all it needed to really boom was industry. South Sioux Falls was Pettigrew’s idea that would lead Sioux Falls to that industrial future. The city would be an industrial suburb and would compliment Sioux Falls with manufacturing jobs and quality residences. Rail lines would connect South Sioux Falls to the businesses and shops in the main city. A transcontinental railroad would distribute its products to the region, nation and the world. Pettigrew would own the factories, railroads and land for residences. His name would rank with Carnegie, Rockefeller or Hill. Unfortunately for Pettigrew, it was a dream that would never come true.

Stop in to the Pettigrew Home & Museum during the R.F. Pettigrew Birthday Open House on Tuesday, July 24th to see the new exhibit: Industrial Crash to Retail Cash: South Sioux Falls in the first floor gallery. Admission is free!