July 2017

Hollywood Theatre Movie Projector

This issue’s Artifact of the Month will be making a comeback later this year when it stars in the museum’s upcoming exhibit on theaters in Sioux Falls.  It is the motion-picture projector from the Hollywood Theatre, which was located at 212 N. Phillips Avenue.  The projector features a Super Simplex base, projector head and reel houses, Peerless Magnarc light house and Western Electric sound head.  It originally operated in the large projection booth next to a sound projector.


The Hollywood Theatre showed its first movie, Blondie, on January 28, 1939 and remained in the movie business for nearly fifty years.  The projector was also used for the theater’s last movie, a private showing of The Last Picture Show on September 27, 1987.  In 1990, the building was demolished.

Currently in its pre-production phase, the theater exhibit will debut in the fall.  If you have some good photos, stories or artifacts relating to any of the theaters in downtown Sioux Falls, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact the museum’s registrar, Adam Nyhaug, at 928-7005.  See you at the movies!



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