May 2016

Falls of the Big Sioux River Henry Rezac, artist circa 1920 Oil on Canvas


Falls of the Big Sioux RiverHenry Rezac (1872-1951) was a local artist who had a studio in Sioux Falls, South Dakota from 1911 until his retirement in 1946. He had no formal training and specialized in interior mural paintings. Rezac was well known throughout South Dakota and was commissioned to paint many murals in churches and other public buildings across the state. His most well-known murals were located at the Sioux Falls Egyptian Theater and also at the auditorium in the Administration Building at South Dakota State University.

This painting was recently moved from storage at the Old Courthouse Museum to be on display at the Pettigrew Home and Museum. The painting hangs in the stairway leading up to the second floor for the new exhibit Building Sioux Falls: 1883-1919. To learn more about the history of Sioux Falls during this time period and to see the painting and other artifacts on display, be sure to visit the Pettigrew Home and Museum!


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