November 2016

Pettigrew Tipi

TipiThe collection of the Siouxland Heritage Museums includes 737 artworks; over 50,000 photographs; 4,875 published books, and 39,780 three-dimensional objects.  The manuscript collection and record groups in the Museums’ holdings measure over 400 cubic feet.

In 1922, Richard Pettigrew purchased a tipi through Joseph W. Brown. The tipi was made by members of the Blackfoot Tribe in Montana, and is comprised of 18 cow hides. This tipi was displayed at the Pettigrew Home and Museum from the 1933 until 1986. The tipi was occasionally displayed outside both at the museum, and at the University of Sioux Falls during homecoming.

By the 1950s, the tipi was in poor condition. In 1958, curator Dorothy Rogers removed a frayed portion at the bottom of the tipi and painted the rest with an early latex paint.

During the restoration of the Pettigrew Home & Museum in 1986, the tipi was removed from exhibition. Although it is in poor condition, it represents an important era of American history.

On November 17th, The Tipi exhibit will open on the first floor of the Old Courthouse Museum with a reception from 5-7 p.m. For this one night only, Pettigrew’s tipi will be displayed in the Law Library on the second floor of the Old Courthouse Museum.





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