November 2018

Board Games

Board Games

In 1982, a local family gifted the museum with a large donation of games and toys.  Included in this gift were several unique board games.

Battlestar Galactica was adapted from the ABC television series by the same name. The object of the game was “for each player to move his ship to the center of the board to pick up an enemy ship and return it to the base.”

The object of Billionaire was to try to become a Billionaire by investing in various commodities from around the world. Secret “Sealed Bids” and a unique stock analyzer randomizer are the basis behind this game.

In All the King’s Men, the object is to capture your opponent’s king with your pieces of a king, four knights and seven archers. The game is similar to chess except arrows on the board determine the pieces’ direction of movement.

Sniper! House to House Fighting in WWII was a tactical board war game featuring man-to-man combat focusing on urban combat between American and German forces in the Second World War.

Come to the Old Courthouse Museum to see these as well as many other games and toys in our newest exhibit, Toys.