November 2020

United States Infantry Snare Drum


The artifact highlighted will soon be on exhibit at the Pettigrew Home and Museum in the upcoming exhibit, Collectors of the Pettigrew Museum: Artifacts from Around the World. The United States Infantry Snare Drum was originally collected by John Drady. Drady lived in Iowa and moved to Sioux Falls toward the latter part of his life. He traveled through the western part of South Dakota and bartered with local tribes for cultural pieces like moccasins, clothing, and weapons. Later he started seeking out other artifacts to supplement historical events, like a partial musket claimed to have been recovered from the Little Bighorn Battlefield.

This drum was thought to belong to Sioux Falls resident, Cyrus A. B. Fox, a Civil War Veteran who served as a musician with Company H of the 86th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. The drum was on display at Drady’s Saloon until his collection was placed in the care of Richard F. Pettigrew, and was later showcased at the Pettigrew Museum. After John Drady passed away in 1917, the city purchased the collection. The drum was restored in 2004 to its current condition with special care taken on the painted emblem on the side.

Come view more of Drady’s collection and other early collections of the Pettigrew Museum in the newest exhibit at the Pettigrew Home and Museum, opening December 1st.

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